​iCarly Freestyle Lyrics - DDG

​iCarly Freestyle Lyrics - DDG
​iCarly Freestyle Lyrics - DDG

​iCarly Freestyle Lyrics of DDG's one of the Latest English Songs are actually penned by DDG. ​iCarly Freestyle song is starring DDG. This song is sung by DDG and music is given by TreOnTheBeat.

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​iCarly Freestyle Lyrics - DDG

(TreOnTheBeat, yeah)
(This beat too raw, boy)

[Chorus: Miranda Cosgrove & DDG]
I know, you see
Somehow the world will change for me
And be so wonderful (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Live life, breathe air (Alright)
I know somehow we're gonna get there
And feel so wonderful

[Verse: DDG]
What you mean that you gangster? I ain't seen shit (Nah)
I don't like nice girls, I want a mean bitch
Still throw it back, and she cook and she clean, bitch
Hit 'em and put 'em straight to sleep, I got lean dick
Forgiatos on the coupe, hoes love the whip
42 in my cup, bitch, I lovе to sip
I just ate a shroom out my pocket, bitch, I love to trip
Don't do GA, I'm poppin', bitch, I lovе the VIP
Rose gold Presi' (Gang), that's like fifty K (Cash)
I can make a million dollars on a busy day
Shawty say she wanna kick it (Boom), like it's MMA
Don't waste my time, I ain't finna play
Shit (Yeah), niggas in the game, I ain't fuckin' with you lames
Nigga, you can get your digits up
Speedin' in my lane
Police got me, fuck it, I'ma rip the ticket up
Yeah, I was makin' plays off a telegraph (Cash)
Made an M when I was twenty, nigga, do the math
Oh, he got hands, that's alright 'cause we gon' shoot his ass
Brodie got away because he slid with a Covid mask
I'd fuck iCarly if I had a chance
Made a quarter million dollars on my OnlyFans
I'll fly a white bitch to Bali just to get a tan
Fuckin' on a beach, I got my toes curled in the sand
All the hoes fuck with me (Splash), fly her out
Why this bitch keep on buggin' me? She a insect
I'll take a nigga's bitch and ask him where his bitch at
Walkin' in the party, I ain't askin' where no list at
Face card good (Yeah), niggas, know the name (Bitch)
Nigga say he beefin' with me, Ion't know the lame (Yeah)
Whole lotta niggas hatin' on me but they fans of me
I know my ex see this new bitch on the 'Gram with me (Damn)
[Chorus: Miranda Cosgrove & DDG]
I know, you see
Somehow the world will change for me (Gang, gang, gang)
And be so wonderful (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
I know, you see
Somehow the world will change for me
And be so wonderful

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Song Details:

Song Title: ​iCarly Freestyle
Singer: DDG
Lyrics: DDG
Music: TreOnTheBeat
Starring: DDG
Label: DDG

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