Qurbaan Lyrics - Harry Mathoda
Qurbaan Lyrics - Harry Mathoda 

Qurbaan Lyrics of Harry Mathoda 's one of the Latest Punjabi Songs are actually penned by Baidwan. Qurbaan song is starring Diksha Sharma . This song is sung by Harry Mathoda and music is given by Jassi X . Just for your information video for this brand new song is directed by Sony Dhiman .

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Qurbaan Lyrics - Harry Mathoda

Qurbaan Tere Russne Te
Qurbaan Tere Mann’ne Te
Qurbaan Tere Puchne Te
Qurbaan Tere Dassne Te

Aksar Teri Baaton Mein
Mera Jikar Kyun Aata Hai
Kyun Aankhein Bhar Lete Ho
Kya Fikar Satata Hai

Qurbaan Tere Rone Te
Qurbaan Tere Hassne Te
kurbaan Tere Russne Te
Qurbaan Tere Mann’ne Te

Na Din The Na Ye Raat Thi
Na Ab Jaisi Koyi Baat Thi
Kul Mila Ke Oh Jaana
Meri Zindagi Hi Khak Thi

Qurbaan Gale Lagaune Te
Kurbaan Haq Jataune Te
Qurbaan Mere Pe Marne Te
Qurbaan Mere Layi Ladne Te

Qurbaan Tere Aune Te
Qurbaan Tere Jaane Te
Qurbaan Tere Bichde Te
Qurbaan Tere Milne Te

Ye Roz Roz Ki Mulakatein
Milon Milon Lambi Baatein
Pehle Jo Tanha Tanha Thi
Ab Choti Lagti Hai Raatein

Qurbaan Kangan Khanke Te
Qurbaan Jhanjar Chhanke Te
Qurbaan Tere Fabbne Te
Qurbaan Tere Jachne Te

Qurbaan Tere Turrne Te
Qurbaan Tere Rukne Te
Qurbaan Tere Zakne Te
Qurbaan Tere Takne Te

Pehle Lad Jaane Ka Kayal Hoon
Phir Dar Jaane Ka Kayal Hoon
Bardast Ki Bhi Koi Hadd Hoti Hai
Tere Jar Jaane Ka Kayal Hoon

Qurbaan Tere Arhne Te
Qurbaan Tere Khadne Te
Qurbaan Aankhein Bharne Te
Qurbaan Tere Jarne Te

Qurbaan Tere Fubbne Te
Qurbaan Tere Jachne Te
Qurbaan Tere Zakne Te
Qurbaan Tere Takne Te

Nakhra Tera Jar Jaana
Teri Khatir Kuch Kar Jana
Baidwan Tere Sang Jiye
Teri Khatir Mar Jaana
Teri Khatir Mar Jaana

Jassi Oye!

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Song Details:

Song Title: Qurbaan
Singer: Harry Mathoda
Lyrics: Baidwan
Music: Jassi X
Video: Sony Dhiman
Starring: Diksha Sharma
Label: T-Series

Song Video from Youtube

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