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Maybach Lyrics - 42 Dugg

Maybach Lyrics of 42 Dugg's one of the Latest English Songs are actually penned by Yung Dee, Chosen 1, G1 (Producer), Future & 42 Dugg. Maybach song is starring Future. This song is sung by 42 Dugg and music is given by G1 (Producer), Chosen 1 & Yung Dee.

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Maybach Lyrics - 42 Dugg

Only love I ever felt was from my mama
(On my mama)
Miss my grandma
Miss my uncle
Rest in peace
Neff and reese

Cash out
Thick bitch from the west side
Cashed out 
Nah this is not a S class
I've been turnin up for my city
I've been turnin up for my city

Richy rich
Fuck her then I leave 
Bitch aint no gimme kiss 
All or nothing
Free bitch call me dugg
And i don't call her nothing

She finessin
Bae I need a dime
What else
Bae i need a 
Leave a message
Dog you know I’m for doggin hoes
Bae I changed 
Fuck all them hoes
Take her shoppin she be fly

Hermes chanel and prada
Gucci clothes matchin my mama
21 brand new no mileage
Fuck nigga before I start wylin
Coming down 6’s bron
Ticking bomb
Sippin don perignon

My bitches fine
Glizzy nine
Play and get shot

I still miss my pops
When is you gettin out
I've been turnin up for my city (turn me up)
I've been turnin up for my city

Tell Dez made me some noodles
 turned my young bitch into a shooter
Damn I miss OG double
Taught me how to pimp and hustle 
I go and hit a lick
You can go and ask bubba

Bitch blocks
Totin real choppas
Whole lotta shooters
You don't want no problems

RIP june bug 
Toppy in the broad day
Tryna pay this lawyer for my lil ones
 gonna be a cold case

Magic city
I'm the owner
Tell steve harvey 
Ion want her
One thing i never seen was a bitch to leave
Every time i crank the car ion use a key

Push start
Foreign whip
Two glizzys
Extended clips
Ion go a day being sober
Pour a lot of dope in my soda
Magic city
I'm the owner
Tell steve harvey
Ion want her

6’s bron
Ticking bomb 
Sippin don perignon

Big ridin
Really ima don
Made these bitches wave live

I done came out the muddy
I done put the most white diamonds
On the blackest hoes
I'm just turnin up for my city
I'm just turnin up for my city
I'm just turnin up for my city (turn me up)

I've been turning up for my city
Grandma daddy mama sister
I've been through so much lately 

Run it up then stash it
Damn near 2 million on the mansion
CMG thats who im signed to
But I like my pockets full

I got my game from the streets
I barely went to school
I know now dugg 
Slow down shot
Four times
I don't really like to squash it 
On my daddy on my mama
I don't really like to squash it

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Song Details:

Song Title: Maybach
Singer: 42 Dugg
Lyrics: Yung Dee, Chosen 1, G1 (Producer), Future & 42 Dugg
Music: G1 (Producer), Chosen 1 & Yung Dee
Starring: Future
Label: Collective Music Group & 4PF

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